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About us

We help people see and understand data

We are a team of professionals based in India and help clients in India and overseas in improving organization's performance by way of reporting, data analysis, data visualization and dashboards. It not only helps management to measure, monitor and manage its business but also identifies areas for growth, operational improvement, possibilities of cost reduction. Team comprises of IT and seasoned business solution practitioners having vast experience of working with various types of industries across geographies.


Help organizations to analyze, visualize business data to get actionable insights, faster

It's proven that people comprehend data better through pictures than by reading numbers in rows and columns. So by visualizing data, you are able to more effectively ask and answer important questions such as "Where are sales growing," "What is driving growth" and "What are the characteristics of my customers using different services?" By using Tableau visualizations, you gain the ability to quickly answer questions; your data becomes a competitive advantage instead of an underutilized asset.

We help organizations in getting insight using Tableau software - a data visualization and business intelligence (BI) tool, for decision making. Tableau helps us in visual analytics leveraging an important and powerful truth about the human brain: a picture really is worth more than all the words and numbers describing it.



Vijay Kulkarni

Vijay Kulkarni

Company CEO.

Passionate about business intelligence and enterprise performance management. An engineer and certified management accountant having over 25 years of extensive industry and consulting experience across geographies.